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Google Hires Ex-McCain Spokesperson For Top Communications Job

by kuroyagi
"Google has historically hired people with Washington experience, but bringing on Hazelbaker may anticipate a somewhat more adversarial road ahead for the search engine as it confronts anti-trust scrutiny at every turn. "


My Page Rank Went Up!

by macbros
Finally! My Google Page Rank went up instead of down for a change! All year I have been watching my Page rank go down one notch at a time each time Google decided to update their so called Page Ranking System.


Google Watching Paid Review Blogs that Pass PageRank

by blogsir
If your blog openly posts paid reviews in an irrelevant, poorly written, not disclosing these as advertisements and using deliberate anchor text in the posts to influence Google rankings, you just might be under the scope of the Google spam team.

Chronologie annoncée d'une PR-te de PageRank

by Environnement
Un historique de la mise en place de la pénalité du PageRank de Google des sites pratiquant la vente de liens.


Gain PageRank!

by seo
This is all the information you need to know if you just got your own web site.

Webmaster Eyes

by srcmax & 25 others (via)
Connaitre le PR de tous les lines d'une page

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