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Projet Manhattan 2.0 : les Etats-Unis préparent-ils la bombe libre ? | ReadWriteWeb France

by sammyfisherjr
"Il faut se rendre à l’évidence, face au clan des nations qui censurent semble se mettre en place une coalition faite d’entreprises, d’un Etat, et d’ONG bien décidées à tout faire pour sabrer toute tentative de censure."


Quand Google libère le code source d'un logiciel controversé - Framablog

by srcmax

Ceux qui ont eu, comme moi, la curiosité de goûter du bout des lèvres au navigateur Google Chrome au moment de sa sortie sous Windows, se sont peut-être aperçus alors qu’un autre drôle de petit logiciel, répondant au doux nom de GoogleUpdate, s’installait à votre insu et travaillait toujours en toile de fond, quand bien même Chrome ne se trouve plus ouvert.

Google-blog-converters-appengine |

by simon_bricolo & 2 others
open source project that can take blogs from most popular platforms and convert them to other popular ones.


Facebook Developers | Resources

by catalonestudio & 1 other
Facebook has been developed from the ground up using open source software, and we are proud to give back to the open source community through various open source projects.

Google Open Source Blog: CSSJanus: Helping i18n and LTR to RTL

by greut (via)

CSSJanus is CSS parser utility designed to aid the conversion of a website's layout from left-to-right (LTR) to right-to-left (RTL). The script was born out of a need to convert CSS for RTL languages when tables are not being used for layout (since tables will automatically reorder TD's in RTL). CSSJanus will change most of the obvious CSS property names and their values as well as some not-so-obvious ones (cursor, background-position %, etc...).

Google gets serious about the Mac

by jeanruaud
In the "20 percent time" that Google employees have to work on projects of personal interest, it turns out that an increasing number are spending time writing open-source projects for their beloved Macs.

twoorl - Google Code

by webs & 1 other
Twoorl is an open source Twitter clone written in Erlang using the ErlyWeb framework


Who's Using It? - OpenSocial - Google Code

by springnet
bebo, currenttv, friendster, imeem, myspace, netvibes, ning, orkut, paypal, plaxo, slide, xing, etc. are all opensocial launch partners

EvilRSS - Google RSS Search - Nashville SEO, SEM, Internet Strategy and Web Design

by ycc2106
Convert any Google search result into an RSS feed that you can subscribe in your feed reader.

Avec Google Gears, Google se lance dans le hors ligne - Ajax Journal

by camel
Google vient de publier Google Gears, une extension opensource (pour Firefox et Internet Explorer) permettant d'utiliser des applications web en mode déconnecté. Google reader est déjà compatible. A mons avis, les applications web supportant un mode offline vont fleurir, et on attend avec impatience, Gmail ou Google Calendar version offline.

gpicsync - Google Code

by nhoizey & 2 others
GPicSync automatically inserts location in your photos metadata so they can also be used with any 'geocode aware' application like Picasa/Google Earth, Flickr,, etc.

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