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March 2009

Bookmarklet pour passer de Google Maps à OpenStreetMap directement

by philippej & 1 other
"Un petit bookmarklet pour passer de Google Maps à OpenStreetMap en un clic."

February 2009

January 2009

Paris - Google Maps - Transit

by philippej (via)

Nouvelle visualisation des transits métro et rer dans google maps.

A voir aussi

MapTiler - Map Tile Cutter. Overlay Generator for Google Maps, Google Earth (KML SuperOverlay).

by delavigne & 2 others
MapTiler - Map Tile Cutter Map Overlay Generator for Google Maps and Google Earth Simple way how to publish your maps...

December 2008

by philippej & 3 others (via)
Exemple d'application utilisant Tiny Geo-coder : "... a really simple way to get a map or a route without first visiting Google Maps... ". Pratique et rapide pour aller de Paris jusqu'à Nice.

Tiny Geo-coder

by philippej & 6 others (via)
Un moyen en effet très rapide de retrouver la latitude et la longitude d'une localisation dans une application.

November 2008

Meet Inbetween Us

by onizuka & 1 other
Ou se retrouver, service google map

October 2008

Google Maps API Example: Reverse Geocoding

by philippej (via)
Quand la latitude et la longitude deviennent compréhensibles par tous.

Extending The API To Create Labeled Markers at Beginning Google Maps Applications

by sbrothier
Many people find the object-oriented aspect of JavaScript to be very confusing. Fortunately, the designers of the Google Maps API have managed to make it extremely accessible—if all you ever did was instantiate their classes and then build scripts around those objects, you could still create very interesting and compelling maps. Creating a cool map is firstly about content, and secondly about technology.

September 2008

July 2008

Naviguez dans Google Maps en inclinant votre MacBook (Pro)

by nhoizey
Après MacSaber, netPong ou SmackBook, voici une nouvelle application amusante (et utile, ce qui ne gache rien) exploitant le capteur de mouvement des portables Apple MacBook

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