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jquery week-calendar

by Xavier Lacot & 4 others
The jquery-week-calendar plugin provides a simple and flexible way of including a weekly calendar in your application. It is built on top of jquery and jquery ui and is inspired by other online weekly calendars such as google calendar.

June 2009

Google I/O - OpenSocial in the Enterprise

by holyver (via)
In the year and half since OpenSocial's public launch, there are now over 700 million end users of OpenSocial applications across numerous social sites (containers) around the world. With OpenSocial's proven global success in traditional social applications, the enterprise software community has now begun to realize its potential and build innovative solutions that cater to the enterprise. Join us for a session centered on how the enterprise software development community is successfully bringing social concepts and technology into the enterprise. Key enterprise players will present and demonstrate how they've successfully used OpenSocial software to build new social solutions.

May 2009

Google Open Source Blog: Export a Git Project to Google Code

by piouPiouM
Marche à suivre pour utiliser Google Code en tant que miroir d'un projet Git.

April 2009

by piouPiouM
Générateur des fichiers d'annotations et de contexte pour CSE.

Google AJAX Feed API - Google Code

by piouPiouM
With the AJAX Feed API, you can download any public Atom or RSS feed using only JavaScript, so you can easily mash up feeds with your content and other APIs like the Google Maps API.

Documentation de Google Custom Search API

by piouPiouM
Guide du développeur pour le produit Google Custom Search Engine (a.k.a. cse).

February 2009

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