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the creative internet (106 things)

by HK
really exhaustive list of great creative stuff by Google

Evil and Lazy

by tehu
To be a true Fanboy

Delicious url smallerizer

by kemar
RT @lebateleur2: RT @kemar Une petite appli pour coder 10 fois plus vite -- Je la refait : [from]



by HK
Lists. Prioritized. Simple. Now you can finally create, prioritize and manage lists using your Google Account! Integrates with your Google Account™ or Google Apps account No need to sign up for yet another username and password. GQueues integrates directly with your existing Google Account or Google Apps account. Plus all your data is stored and secured on Google servers allowing your lists to sleep soundly knowing how much you care for them. Change and arrange All list items are housed in super durable, wafer-thin containers so you can drag 'n drop them all day without any sign of wear or tear. And if you are one of those people that likes to make lists of lists, GQueues even allows you to categorize your queues for ultimate organizational pleasure.

La Madine - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos de mon pique-nique au lac de la Madine [from]

Prague - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos du week-end à Prague [from]

Raul Paz en concert à Metz - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos du concert de Raul Paz ce week-end à Metz [from]

Manu Dibango en concert au festival Jazzpote - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos du concert de Manu Dibango à Thionville ce week-end [from]

Shareaholic for Twitter, Facebook, Google... :: Add-ons for Firefox

by kemar & 1 other
Reading: "Shareaholic :: Firefox Add-ons" ( ) [from]


Delicious button for Google Reader for Greasemonkey

by damdec
Add a "Add to delicious" button next to buttons "Next/Prev element" and react to the shortcut "d". Pre-fill the form getting title, url and selected text for the description.


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