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geoxml3 - KML processor for the Google Maps JavaScript API V3 - Google Project Hosting

by srcmax
he geoxml3 project is an effort to develop a KML processor for use with Version 3 of the Google Maps JavaScript API. This API is specifically designed to be lightweight and modular; accordingly, it did not originally contain the built-in KML support of Version 2. This library was originally intended to fill that need; as KML support has been added natively in Version 3, it now allows access to individual markers, polylines and polygons, rendered from KML.



More Info: KML on Google Maps - Google Maps API | Google Groupes

by hobbes
forcer le téléchargement des fichiers kml avec htaccess

Encoding polylines for Google Maps

by hobbes & 2 others (via)
If you want to display complicated path data on a Google Map, the most efficient way to do so is with an encoded polyline or polygon. * Encoding form: Convert path data to the encoded format. Can generate code or a map. * Point and click: A Google Map containing a point and click interface to the encoding algorithm. * Decoder: Decode an encoded point string to obtain a sequence of lat/lng values.


by korbinus & 5 others
Find coordinates from an address or from a map. Convert between WGS 84 and Degrees, Minutes and Seconds. Geotag your blog, web site or RSS feed.


Google KML

by kunix
Google Earth KML 2.0 Tutorial

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