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gmaps.js — Google Maps API with less pain and more fun

by srcmax & 2 others
gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive documentation or large amount of code.


Create Zoomable Images Using The Google Maps API | Mike Gleason jr's Blog

by srcmax & 1 other
Anyways, I'm pleased to show you two samples today: they both let you navigate into an image using the Google Maps engine. I'm also giving up the necessary tools to do it yourself. Enjoy!


geoxml3 - KML processor for the Google Maps JavaScript API V3 - Google Project Hosting

by srcmax
he geoxml3 project is an effort to develop a KML processor for use with Version 3 of the Google Maps JavaScript API. This API is specifically designed to be lightweight and modular; accordingly, it did not originally contain the built-in KML support of Version 2. This library was originally intended to fill that need; as KML support has been added natively in Version 3, it now allows access to individual markers, polylines and polygons, rendered from KML.


API de Google Maps : des requêtes désormais payantes

by srcmax & 1 other
Google impose désormais une restriction à 25.000 chargements par jour via l’API de Google Maps. Au-delà, il faudra s’acquitter de 4 dollars par 1.000 requêtes supplémentaires, ou acquérir une licence Maps API Premier, dont le prix démarre à 10.000 dollars par an.


Supersonic Feet - the blog of Adam Perfect

by Spone
With all our new work we're trying to make everything degrade much more gracefully if you don't have Javascript enabled. Normally using the Google Maps API if a user doesn't have Javascript enabled, they just won't see a map. Working with Natalie from Clearleft I think we came up with a pretty good solution that uses progressive enhancement to ensure everyone gets a map, even without JS.

Mapstraction - a javascript library to hide differences between mapping APIs.

by srcmax & 15 others
Mapstraction is a library that provides a common API for various javascript mapping APIs to enable switching from one to another as smoothly as possible. Developers can code their applications once, and then easily switch mapping provider based on project needs, terms and conditions, and new functionality.


Use Google Maps Tiles with the API at Beginning Google Maps Applications

by delavigne (via)
Use Google Maps Tiles with the API Published by Mike September 21st, 2006 in Cartography, JavaScript, Overlays One thing every Maps developer notices eventually, is that the API’s imagery doesn’t exactly match that which is on Google Maps itself.


Official Google Enterprise Blog: Maps without keys

by srcmax
As we continue to expand the capabilities of Google Maps API Premier, such as offering access over https and supporting unlimited address-level reverse geocoding, we see that our users increasingly host applications across a large number of domains. In the past, Google Maps API sites have required that an an associated key be provided whenever the API is used, which required managing multiple keys for various domains. We've heard that this process can be cumbersome, and in response, we've introduced maps without keys, exclusively for Premier users.


Des cartes pour vos articles

by Giraultises & 10 others (via)
Quikmaps est un API basé sur Google Maps et qui vous permettra de réaliser vos plans d'accès, vos circuits de randonnées, ... A voir...

More Info: KML on Google Maps - Google Maps API | Google Groupes

by hobbes
forcer le téléchargement des fichiers kml avec htaccess

Google Maps API Version 2 Tutorial

by hobbes (via)
The map.getBoundsZoomLevel() method allows us to calculate a zoom level setting that fits a set of markers.

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