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Welcome to Naked Software

by irols & 4 others
Movie Flipper is a small program that will print a "flip book" from a QuickTime movie that can be printed and assembled. It is very bare bones - it expects the frame rate and other features to be set beforehand, and it seems to have problems with certain codecs and save settings, but is otherwise a neat little program to play with. >> Utiliser des films .mov de 2 secondes environ et choisir un format d'impression assez grand (au maximum 3 colonnes d'images)

February 2007


by irols & 11 others (via)
Video in your own words Mojiti lets you tell the story your way. Dive into the experience by annotating video with text, shapes, images and more.

:: Graffiti - VIDAVEE ::

by irols & 1 other (via)
Insertion d'effets spéciaux dans des vidéos youtube

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