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08 October 2007 19:30

Golden Ratio

by sbrothier
An exploration with the Golden Ratio offers opportunities to connect an understanding of ratio and proportion to geometry as well as to introduce historic and aesthetic elements to a mathematical concept. The explorations with a spreadsheet demonstrate Fibonacci numbers and the ratio between each pair. The GSP exploration demonstrates how to construct the ratio geometrically. The use of calculators to prove the definition and properties of this ratio are also appropriate.

Information Architects Japan » iA Notebook » Web Toolbox and the Ideal Website

by sbrothier
We are currently adapting iA’s website to meet the new requirements. We will base the new design on an idea that has haunted us since we began making websites. A website with a basic grid fully based on Fibonacci’s Golden Cut. After weeks of pushing and pulling here it is – the ideal website:

16 May 2007 08:00

Phiculator, the Golden Ratio calculator from Thismanslife : Design, Graphics, Photography // James Mellers, Nottingham UK

by sbrothier & 2 others (via)
Phi, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, the golden section, the golden mean, the divine proportion. It’s known as many things, but the ratio they all refer to is the same, 1 : 1.61803399... Found in art, architecture, design, and most intriguingly, in nature, this ratio has been used throughout history and today for its aesthetic beauty. Phiculator (pronounced "fye·cu·la·tor") is a simple tool which, given any number, will calculate the corresponding number according to the golden ratio. Useful to anyone wishing to create anything with divine proportions!

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