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live jewelry auctions

by slashman
Huge online jewelry auction site gives up to 95% off gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond rings and more. 1,000’s of jewelry auctions occurring every hour and starting at $1

Jewelry Creepcrest

by thomek
How do I best sell my vintage diamonds is a question often asked. You have a number of choices when it comes to selling diamond jewelery. There are a number of points to selling diamonds that one needs to know. Firstly that one never gets the full value of a diamond when selling it.

Coins 2.0 - The Numismatic Search Engine

by CDJ
Coins 2.0 is the new age Numismatic Search Engine based on Google CSE technology. You can search on hand-picked numismatic websites for most relevant results.


DGC News

by jack001
DGC News is all about the Digital Gold Currency News. DGC News was established in November 2006 to bring you the latest news from the world of digital gold currency and other digital precious metals currencies as well as related topics.

collecting gold coins

by Lissemiller (via)
Collecting coins as a numismatic hobby and also investing. With the rise in gold price, gold coins are becoming hot items now especially the american gold eagles

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