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April 2011

Sparrow — The new mail for Mac

by sbrothier & 3 others
Sparrow is a minimalist mail application designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here… just your email and nothing else.

How to use the iPad Gmail UI on Mac with Fluid - Matthew Lowery

by sbrothier
Some of you may love the UI of Gmail for iPad. Unfortunately not all of us have iPads, but now we can settle for the second best thing: imitation!

Mailplane - the best way to use Gmail on the Mac

by sbrothier & 12 others
Love Gmail? Mailplane makes Gmail even better. Watch the two minute Mailplane video. Save time and send attachments from anywhere. Save time and send optimized attachments from anywhere. Easily switch between different Gmail accounts Easily switch between different Gmail accounts Get notifications and never miss an important message Get notifications and never miss an important message Link Gmail conversations with Mac documents Link Gmail conversations with Mac documents Personalize your messages with formatted signatures Personalize your messages with formatted signatures Make Mailplane your default Mail client Make Mailplane your default email client Compare Mailplane vs. Gmail in a web browser.

DeHamerspace » The Ultimate Gmail Browser

by sbrothier
I’ve talked before about site-specific browsers (SSBs) and even mentioned that I’ve become a big fan of the Fluid SSB on the Mac. I’ve got SSBs for all sorts of applications (Google Reader, Pandora, etc.) but the one that I spend the most time in is my Gmail SSB. I decided to devote some time this week to digging through the various features of Fluid to see just what was possible. What I ended-up with is a Gmail client that is a huge improvement over the standard (and, arguably, already pretty good) Gmail experience. The sections below will take you through the various steps I used to create the Ultimate Gmail Browser.

Helvetimail - josef richter

by sbrothier
Maintaining Helvetimail is not easy, because Google's CSS is a mess and keeps changing. It demands more time than I am able to regularly devote. I've never meant to make Helvetimal a paid upgrade. But now I would like to kindly ask you for even a tiny donation, so that I can spend a few more hours/days on Helvetimal, fix what's still unfixed, maybe prepare an iPad version, etc. Please note this is not to make me rich, but just to cover at least a part of the time cost needed to maintain Helvetimal. The economic downturn makes me do more work for less money, so spare time for hobbies like Helvetimail is scarce. Thank you very much!

February 2011 nettoyez votres boîtes email gmail quand elle est pleine

by oseres (via)
Vous pouvez voir en bas de votre compte gmail, combien d’espace il vous reste avant de passer à la version payante, vous devez avoir un message du type: You are currently using 7508  MB (100%) of your 7508 MB.

December 2010

November 2010

sparrow - The New Mail for Mac

by gregg & 3 others
Sparrow is a minimalist mail application for Mac. It was designed to keep things simple and efficient. No fancy stuff here... just your mail and nothing else.

October 2010

Gérer facilement vos emails avec la méthode GTD (pour Gmail)

by Giraultises
ActiveInbox est un plugin pour Firefox (ou Chrome) qui vous permettra de suivre vos actions directement dans votre boite Gmail, à l'aide de la méthode GTD (Getting Things Done - Méthode de gestion des priorités quotidiennes). Il suffira d'affecter un statut et un projet pour disposer d'une gestion plus fine de vos actions à réaliser.

September 2010


by simon_bricolo & 3 others
search engine for all your services (gmail, twitter, facebook, dropbox, basecamp, gCalendar...) (via @lejoe)

Graph Your Inbox

by simon_bricolo
a Google Chrome extension that allows you to graph Gmail activity over time

August 2010

Appels téléphoniques avec Gmail – : toute l'actualité Google

by signalsurf
♺ @WebmarketingCOM: Appels téléphoniques avec #Gmail via @Zorgloob :

July 2010

Webmail rendering in Firefox - Litmus

by nhoizey
"Not everyone realizes it, but depending on the web browser used to open your email in Hotmail, Gmail, and others, it can be rendered quite differently."

June 2010

Opération massive de phising sur Gmail en Tunisie | ReadWriteWeb France

by srcmax

Depuis quelques semaines mes com­pa­triotes en Tunisie ont com­mencé a se plaindre de dif­fi­cul­tés d’accés a Gmail et des rumeurs ont com­mencé a cir­cu­ler sur une cen­sure pro­chaine de Gmail. Depuis le mois d’avril une vague de cen­sure a frappé fli­ckr, YouTube, Dailymotion et un nombre incal­cu­lable de blogs : ils n’en fal­lait pas plus pour créer un cli­mat de para­noia… qui va s’avérer justifié.

Solved: Gmail, iPad, iPhone, and multiple from addresses | Modern Nerd

by simon_bricolo
enabling multiple “from” addresses under a single Gmail account in Mail on the iPad and iPhone

May 2010

Comment transformer Gmail en système de messagerie professionnel |

by oseres
Je vous propose donc une série d’astuces qui transformera votre compte GMail en système de messagerie professionnel.


by oseres
Etacts was born from the frustration of keeping in touch with our ever-growing list of friends (both business and personal), family, coworkers, and clients.


by oseres (via)
how often do you communicate with the people youshould

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