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Pagoda Box

by Xavier Lacot
A PHP auto scaling deployment platform, which provides monitoring features, incident alerts, and performs checkouts from GitHub. The service is currently in beta.

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December 2010

The Tree Slider - GitHub

by François Hodierne & 1 other
Excellente utilisation de "HTML5 history API"

November 2010

Today's Outage - GitHub

by François Hodierne

A few hours ago I was upgrading our continuous integration setup when a configuration error caused it to run against our production environment rather than our testing environment.

Before every run of our test suite we destroy then re-create the database so that we have a known, clean starting point. This also allows us to continuously integrate topic branches with potentially different database schemas. Due to the configuration error GitHub's production database was destroyed then re-created. Not good.

October 2010

The Real Difference Between Mercurial and Git / Steve Losh

by ghis (via)
Git and Mercurial differences : feeling (Git is powerful but complex to use) and Github is better than BitBucket.

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