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March 2008

git-wiki -- because who needs cool names when you use git?

by greut & 1 other

git-wiki it is a quick and not properly planned hack. It relies on git to keep pages’ history and Sinatra to serve them.

knowing that Twiki uses RCS scares me.

eigenclass - A better backup system based on Git

by srt
A fast, powerful backup system built upon Git and efficient, compact tools written in OCaml (faster than the C counterpart with 1/5th of the code :)

February 2008

GitHub: My Kind of Social Software

by srt
Forking on GitHub is like friending on Myspace (or Facebook or whatever crazy ass social networking site that is) inasmuch as this is the point where a line is drawn from one node to another in the social graph.

Koz Speaks — Random Musings on Technology

by srt
So naturally I’m interested in migrating rails from subversion to git, as are the rest of the core team. Unfortunately [...]

Projects - Gitorious

by srt
some possibly cool project to look at.

January 2008

Choosing a Distributed Version Control System

by sdaclin
Bazaar, Hg (Mercurial) ou Git sont-ils les dignes successeurs de SVN et CVS ? C'est ce que Dave DRIBIN compare dans son blog.


by srt
etckeeper is a collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a git repository. It hooks into apt to automatically commit changes made to /etc during package upgrades.

November 2007 » Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way

by greut & 1 other

this article will be a tutorial showing you how to host and manage Git repositories with access control, easily and safely.

to answer the “How do I store a GIT repository” question