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Howto: One time migration from SVN to GitLab with non-standard SVN layout | Igor's Blog

by srcmax
I've finally got around to moving the SVN repository that supports all the source code for this blog to Git, specifically GitLab. There were a few hurdles and I came across and many existing articles were useful but didn't quite address my specific case.


by srcmax & 3 others
Phabricator, an open source, software engineering platform Phabricator is a collection of open source web applications that help software companies build better software.



SubGit :: Svn To Git Migration

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A tentative at a Subversion / Git synchronization tool. For lazy and scary developers? :)


Pushing an existing git repository to SVN

by Xavier Lacot
A good guide describing the workflow to mirror an existing Git repository into a SVN one


Why Git is Better Than X

by ghis & 2 others (via)
This site is here because I seem to be spending a lot of time lately defending Gitsters against charges of fanboyism, bandwagonism and koolaid-thirst. So, here is why people are switching to Git from X, and why you should too. Just click on a reason to view it.

Twitter / Nicolas Perriault: #git tip of the day, in ca ...

by ghis
In case you've erroneously added .svn directories to your repo: git status |grep .svn|awk {'print $4'} |xargs git rm -f

Git - Fast Version Control System

by Spone & 2 others
Welcome to the Git version control system! Here we will briefly introduce you to Git usage based on your current Subversion knowledge. You will need the latest Git installed; There is also a potentially useful tutorial in the Git documentation.


Symfony 1.4 on Git HOWTO (Part 1) « Kahel-AMP!

by Xavier Lacot
A small guide on how to use Symfony with git. Not sure everything is ready for this switch, particularly on the plugins and externals side...

InDefero - Bug tracking, code review and free software forge

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
InDefero is a simple to use software forge. Save you and your team time and track bugs, provide downloads, documentation and have an easy overview of your code base.

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