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September 2007

August 2007

by ycc2106
online german genealogy editor

July 2007

12. Antitank Obstacles and Road Blocks:

by 97Olds
Beach Obstacles: German Coastal Defenses, WWII Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 15, June 15, 1943

June 2007

Kettenkrad - German Motorcycle Tractor

by 97Olds (via)
WWII Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 19, February 1943

April 2007

German Army tries to draft 4-week-old baby

by herbtarlick
The German Army sent a draft notice to a four-week-old baby named Lucio, ordering him to report for duty within the next 10 days, before realising it had blundered.

german dictionary

by digital & 1 other (via)
worterbuch worterbuch german dictionary deutsch deutschland germany

March 2007

How to learn foreign languages easy and fast

by sarumino (via)
Free English lessons How to learn foreign languages easy and fast English lessons German lessons study for free English test Правополушарное изучение иностранных языков. Методика Елены Хон. Как быстро выучить иностранный язык. Как выучить английский легко. Бесплатный курс английского языка. Курс немецкого языка. Онлайн курс английского. Онлайн курс немецкого языка.

英語翻訳 - Infoseek マルチ翻訳

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multi language translator for korean chinese french italian german spanish portugese english, - text and url with options