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15 December 2006 01:00

Area and Perimeter

by knann (via)
Excellent for learning area and perimeter

24 January 2006 14:00


by knann
Design a quilt by clicking on the squares. Each square has 6 possible positions. Change COLORS by clicking the color palettes Make a quilt by clicking REPEAT, REFLECT or ROTATE

07 December 2005 10:00

Problem Solving with Pentominos

by knann
Pentominos are the names of shapes created by 5 squares connected together. The objective of the puzzle is to place all pentominos inside the square after marking 4 boxes to remain empty.

17 November 2005 09:00

Math Continuum

by knann
Video tutorials and interactive activities with audio. Strands include: Numbers and Operations, Patterns and Relations, Geometry, Statistics and Probabiity Activities - Adding and subtracting Fractions, Fractions and Equivalent Fractions, Fractions, Multiply & Divide, Percent., Equations, Pattern Puzzles, Area

03 November 2005 09:00


by knann
This activity can be used to:recognize and explore the properties of tessellations, identify and examine symmetry in geometric figures,describe, and classify polygons, examine the role of mathematics in society and nature

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