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JEU - Geocaching> Premiers pas avec Geocaching

by decembre
Geocaching est un jeu dans le monde de la clandestinité et de la recherche de trésor. Géocacheur vous pouvez placer un géocache dans le monde, préciser son emplacement en utilisant la technologie GPS et partager ensuite l'existence de la géocache et en ligne l'emplacement. N'importe qui avec un appareil GPS peut alors tenter de retrouver les geocache..... (Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. A geocacher can place a geocache in the world, pinpoint its location using GPS technology and then share the geocache's existence and location online. Anyone with a GPS device can then try to locate the geocache.)


by philippej & 3 others (via)
Exemple d'application utilisant Tiny Geo-coder : "... a really simple way to get a map or a route without first visiting Google Maps... ". Pratique et rapide pour aller de Paris jusqu'à Nice.

Tiny Geo-coder

by philippej & 6 others (via)
Un moyen en effet très rapide de retrouver la latitude et la longitude d'une localisation dans une application.


Gapminder world

by cascamorto
>Statistiques mondiales par pays (un service Google)

Return Latitude and Longitude Fast with Google Maps

by philippej & 1 other
« Whenever you require a location coordinates on a google map click the bookmark and a prompt box displays the in latitude and longitude. »

Jotle (beta)

by philippej (via)
« Google Maps + Wikimapia + Placeopedia + Flickr + YouTube = Jotle ! »


KML from Google spreadsheets. Revolution?

by philippej (via)
« ... produce KML from a Google Spreadsheet. »

KML on Google Maps

by philippej (via)
« To view a KML or KMZ file on Maps, just go to Google Maps, and instead of searching for a geographical address like 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, 94043, search for a complete Web address (including the "http://" part) of your KMZ file, like »

Life of a Geolocated Blog Post

by philippej & 1 other (via)
« View entire photo sets as self-contained KMZ files in Google Maps »

IGN Géoportail in 3D with Google Earth

by philippej (via)
« ... a small software I made, called GEopochi, which brings the IGN Géoportail data into GE (version 4 and above only), by acting as a proxy between the 2. »

by philippej & 4 others (via) but for Maps (see also

GPSVisualizer Supports New Google Earth 4 Time Support

by philippej (via)
« ... use GPSVisualizer to make your own time stamped GPS track... »

Rapid Reporting for Rapid Response

by philippej (via)
« ... a proof of concept whereby you email placemarks to a content management system and then have them appear automatically in Google Earth via a network link. »


by philippej & 1 other (via)
« Meta maps mashup »

Google maps vs. Yahoo! maps

by philippej (via)
Google maps et Yahoo maps côte à côte.

How to use a Spreadsheet and GE

by philippej (via)
" can a Spreadsheet be used to build a huge kml file, with thousands of placemarks in an very fast way."


by philippej & 5 others
GoogleMaps + Wikipedia = "Let's describe the whole Earth !"

How to make a GeoRSS from RSS

by philippej
" to turn any RSS feed (that contains datelines or placenames) into a [Google Earth] KML network link".


by philippej
"...register your GoogleEarth tour and save it as AVI movie"

Google Maps Geocoding

by philippej & 2 others
"The Google Maps API now supports geocoding for the US, Canada, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Spain."

Pin in the map

by philippej & 2 others
"TinyURL for location on Google Maps and Google Earth : mark a spot, attach text, send to others."

Using the New 3D Warehouse Network Link

by philippej
Un moyen de trouver les modèles SketchUp qui ont été placés sur la vue courante de Google Earth.

2001 Space Odyssey on Google Earth

by philippej
"It so realistic, it's almost painful not to have it rotate." So true.

Google Maps Europe ?

by philippej
Quelques pistes qui pourraient signifier que Google pourrait bientôt étendre sa couverture des routes européennes.

Google Maps V2.41 dual map

by philippej
" example trying to show the new GOverviewMapControl(), which was introduced in the Google Maps API alpha v2.41."

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