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March 2006

Geo Tag Generator

by ycc2106
This one is international, not just the US!


by ursus & 5 others
Geographical location by IP adress


by dominoes & 5 others
GEOTool by using google map

February 2006

RDFMapper Version 2.0

by digitalmonkey
"RDFMapper is a web service that searches an RDF or RSS file for resources with geographic locations, and returns a map overlayed with dots representing located resources".


by digitalmonkey
"RDFmap defines a set of RDF classes and properties for representing basic geographical information".

January 2006

WGS 84 Geographic Point URI Space

by digitalmonkey
"This is a specification of a URI space representing points on Earth according to the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84)" .

WirelessOntology - ESW Wiki

by digitalmonkey
"notes towards an OWL ontology for 802.11 wireless networking"

geo - Microformats

by digitalmonkey & 1 other
"geo (working name, pronounced "gee-oh") is a simple format for marking up geographic latitude longitude information, suitable for embedding in (X)HTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML".

December 2005


by maddi & 20 others
Tag your Flickr Photos with Lat /Lon - have them show up on Google Maps.

GeoURL (2.0)

by maddi & 24 others
GeoURL is a location-to-URL reverse directory. This will allow you to find URLs by their proximity to a given location.

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