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Bookmarklet creator | Alex @ Net

by ycc2106
Generates a search bookmarklet for selected text else prompt.


Picsir - View Incrementing Images Easily

by ycc2106
Picsir is an image scanner and gallery generator. It works by incrementing numbers in the original file name in attempt to find and display more images that might follow a similiar pattern. Funny idea.

Durl, an RSS feed for URL queries

by ycc2106 & 20 others
Enter a url to retrieve information about people who delicious'ed it. already provides this service, Durl completes that with an RSS feed containing those results and trend history graphs. Don't miss the popular trends and now the

Bookmarklet Generator for Searches

by ycc2106 & 1 other
First, go to the search engine you are trying to make a link for, and search for the word BOOKMARKLETMAKER, all in caps. Then cut and paste the URL from the search results page into this blank. As long as "BOOKMARKLETMAKER" shows up somewhere in that URL, this should work just fine.


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