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May 2006

Digg button generator

by ycc2106
Generates a button for your blog you can actually click on!

April 2006

Map Builder::Rapid mashup development tool for Google and Yahoo maps!

by ycc2106 & 3 others
An excellent resource to get started with Google or Yahoo maps. Let's you tag locations and publish it.

My Recommendation Snippet

by ycc2106
"My Recommendation Snippet" is a recommendation link list generator extracted from site owner's bookmarks archived in If you tell your ID to the site, you can get the site owner's bookmarks as a recommendation. While creating your recommendation list, your recent posts and associated tags automatically used as your preference information.

DonkeyMagic: Google Map Maker

by ycc2106 & 6 others
Make google maps the easy way. Use the map to find locations, activate the controls, click where you want a marker and add your information. Click 'Generate code' to get the source code to add to your website.

February 2006

ZoomClouds - Cloud demo

by ycc2106
Tag cloud generator with a lot of options.

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