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November 2006

American Lesbian Photography - Home

by jlesage
"aim is to provide an overview over those lesbian photographers that took pictures of lesbians, and .. to discuss their photography in relation to the time in which they worked"


by jlesage
with a social eye, she looks at a kitchen changing with a blended family, being a soccer mom, and shooting with a hidden digital camera in a strip club at the customer-woman interactions there

Senses of Cinema

by jlesage
one of the best online film journals; exhaustive and regularly updated links page

Gender Identity Panel - Resources

by jlesage
links to many interesting online hypertext, visually innovative works; some links no longer functional

October 2006

Bright Lights Film Journal | Welcome!

by jlesage & 1 other
well designed web site, excellent essays, covers experimental and gay/lesbian work

August 2006

July 2006

The Academic Hack

by jlesage
a voracious NetFlicks user's many lists; includes lots of experimental and international work to give you ideas about what to look for

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