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May 2008

Miss Geeky

by springnet
@mseckington on twitter and her blog Melinda Seckington on gmail, twitter, flickr, facebook, youtube,, etc. etc. blog has great links and possibly a Battlestar Galactica fan like me

March 2008

Twitter Tools, Tweaks and Theories: TypePad Hacks

by springnet
reviews of 26 powerful tools you can use to make Twitter do all kinds of groovy things

Welcome to GeekyMomma's Blog: I'd Like To Thank My Producers, Mom & Dad!

by springnet
In a follow-up post, I encouraged others outside our Twitter edtech network to join and today, Paul Terry Walhus (twitter @springnet) contacted me because he not only wanted to duplicate the concept for his SXSW network but he wanted to interview me (ME!,

Tasty Blog Snack

by springnet
Justine Ezarik's blog. submitted on springnet's bookmarks on on her birthday. March 23, 2008 she turned 24.

DIY, lifehack, wondercon — The gals play with fire! — popSiren — Revision3

by springnet
ReadyMade's Jen Trolio shows Jessica how to make comic book stationary from scratch! Sarah gets organized online and Dr. Kiki teaches you how to make fire with sound waves. Neha Tiwari investigates what turned nerd into the cool kid at WonderCon and Heath

Geek Entertainment TV

by springnet & 2 others
It’s a hard life being most excellent at most video games, but Johnathan Wendel aka Fatal1ty doesn’t shy away from the challenge. So what does happen in a typical day of a professional video game player?

February 2008

EPIC-FU - art+tech+music for geeks

by springnet
Zadi Diaz has a hot, hot, hot video series on this page... gotta find out if it's syndicated!

January 2008 - Top 10 hottest women in tech

by springnet
While there are certainly a number of drop-dead gorgeous ladies within the world of tech media to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list down to 10.

December 2007

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