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Radio.Garden your internet map radio

by alamat & 1 other (via)
By bringing distant voices close, radio connects people and places.






Kitchen Garden Seeds

by rax262 (via)
Everything you wanted to know about kitchen garden type topics. Covers shallots, onions, lettuce, etc.

Window Farms

by kruty & 1 other (via)
window farms are suspended, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield light-augmented window farms using low-impact or recycled local materials.

LIFEFLIX: Backyard Accessories

by blackgoldfish (via)
We also need more lighting out in the back and although tea lights won't solve that issue, I've always loved the way hanging glass jars look.


the indoor garden by west elm

by blackgoldfish
i want to relax in an indoor garden like this for the whole day~~



by stormer
A site of gardening videos.

Fall Flowers - 10 Top Fall Bloomers for the Perennial Garden

by jgrogan
Fall Flowers - Top Fall Bloomers for the Perennial Garden

Fall Division of Perennial Plants: When to Split or Divide Perennial Flowers in Fall for Propagation, To Renew Plant Vigor Or To Control Spreading

by jgrogan
Fall Division of Perennial Plants When to Split or Divide Perennial Flowers in Fall for Propagation, To Renew Plant Vigor Or To Control Spreading

garden ecology article

by jgrogan
Energy flow (food chains and food webs) Nutrient cycling Community interrelationships Ecosystem change

Designing a Garden for Birds - The Helpful Gardener

by jgrogan
Gardening tips: The Helpful Gardener brings the pleasure of gardening to your home. You will find our garden design articles collected in one spot.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Wildflower Gardening

by jgrogan
Below, in alphabetical order by subject, are links to information that will help you make your yard a more enticing place for local wildflowers and the butterflies, birds, and other creatures they support.

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