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GanttProject Home

by rmaltete & 2 others
Free project scheduling and management.

PlannerX | appsMagnet

by simon_bricolo
Web based Project Planning Tool that works with Basecamp


Tom's Planner | Gantt Chart Software | Faster than Excel easier than MS Project

by simon_bricolo
Create and share Gantt charts online with Tom's Planner Gantt chart software. No more messy excel spreadsheets.

Google Documents: créez un gestionnaire de projets |

by simon_bricolo
Si vous n'avez pas besoin d'un logiciel de gestion de projet complexe, vous pouvez toujours utiliser Google Documents. L'application Feuille de calcul de la - une application Web de gestion de projets

by Xavier Lacot & 5 others
Gantter est un outil en ligne de gestion de projets compatible avec MS Project. Vu le look de l'application, j'en connais un qui aimerait bien se faire racheter par Google :-D



Taskjuggler - The Open Source Project Management Software - Home

by nhoizey & 7 others
TaskJuggler is Open Source project management software for serious project managers. It covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project

Download APP for Windows & Linux on

by didi
APP automatically calculates a time plan / project plan based on effort estimations and expected end dates. Tasks (+ a max. perc.-rate) can be assigned to one or more resources. Vacations, predecessors, weekly work hours,.. are considered in calculation

Auto Project Planner - Homepage

by didi & 1 other
Auto Project Planner is an Open Source project management application for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. The software automatically calculates a proper project plan based on your effort estimations and the due dates you have in mind. A list of tasks and a list of employees can be defined. Tasks can be assigned to one or more employees. It is also possible to define a maximum percentage value an employee can/should work on a task. Public holidays, leaves, weekly working hours and some more parameters can be specified and are considered in the calculation. According to this input the software compute time plans by minimizing the MSE (mean squared error) between expected and computed end dates. Auto Project Planner

by nhoizey (via)
The tool automatically calculates a time plan/project plan based on effort estimations and expected end dates. Tasks ( a max. perc.-rate) can be assigned to one or more resources. Vacations and weekly work hours are considered. v0.4: GanttProject Export

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