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September 2006

Party Poker Anywhere - Mac, PC, and Linux

by dbirider & 1 other (via)
Today Marks the first day that Mac users can play real money games at Party Poker, without using software to emulate windows. Party Poker's 'Anywhere' release will work on any browser on a Mac, Linux, or PC.

July 2006

Sudoku Hints | Puzzle Tips and Strategy

by bhakans
I used to think that Sudoku was boring. I was wrong and now I am totally hooked on the brain-teasers that are Sudoku games. This site is filled with sudoku hints.

April 2006

November 2005

Nintendo Announces UK Launch of Free Wi-Fi Gaming

by teleclick
Nintendo has announced a date for the UK launch of its free Wi-Fi gaming service. The service, which is compatible with the Nintendo DS, will become available at numerous bars, restaurants, and other public places, starting on November 25.

April 2005

Sometimes Silent

by sometimessilent
Eclectic blog covering video games, internet culture, getting things done, and rockclimbing.

February 2005

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