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Type:Rider, un jeu vidéo typographique | ARTE

by sbrothier
Sortez de l’écran ! Découvrez l’anatomie des lettres dans une installation interactive poétique utilisant vidéo projection et reconnaissance de forme destinée à toute la famille.


Kern Type, the kerning game

by sbrothier & 4 others, 2 comments
Instructions Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this activity kerning. Your solution will be compared to typographer's solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it. Good luck!


BIS Publishers

by sbrothier & 2 others
This very attractively finished typographic memory game includes 25 variations of the letter ‘A’, each in a different letter type. Players attempt to find the matching A’s in the same letter type. The player who has the highest number of matching letters wins the game. Typographic information about the letter is included on the card, and a separate folder provides a general history of the typography. This is an enjoyable and instructive game for graphic designers and anyone who is fascinated by letter types.


The Font Game for the iPhone and the iPod touch

by sbrothier
# 57 font samples # 3 levels of difficulty # Post your results directly to Twitter

Ironic Sans: So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica? Quiz

by sbrothier, 1 comment
19/20 tout ça pour se faire une fois de plus baiser par Mattel... Hot! link :)

Cheese or Font

by sbrothier
Burgos : Cheese or font ?


The Rather Difficult Font Game

by sbrothier & 1 other
By looking at type set in Rosewood you probably don’t have to second-guess yourself, but if your life depended on you making the distinction between Adobe Caslon Pro and Adobe Garamond Pro, then, things would be a whole lot different. Try it a couple of times if you don’t get it right the first time — you might catch a lucky break.


HPLHS Prop Documents Project

by sbrothier (via)
Games are more fun when you play with good toys, and we here at the HPLHS really like detailed props. We've already done a lot of the work of making highly authentic period prop documents, and now we're able to share them through the web. The HPLHS is happy to offer a collection of 1920s/30s era gaming prop documents that you can download and print. Although ome of these props are adapted from Hollywood movies and TV shows, most have been created exclusively for this website. Whether you play live-action or around the table, these props will intensify your role-playing games.



by sbrothier & 5 others
This high-concept abecedary the picture book debut for deVicq de Cumptich, should delight collectors of stylish picture book and aficionados of the graphic arts"

Helvetica vs. Arial

by sbrothier & 2 others (via)
Move your Helvetica character left and right with the mouse, beat Arial by jumping on it using the mouse button. Helvetica moves faster in flight.

Jargon Boy | Modern Alphabet Flashcards

by sbrothier
M is for Modern Alphabet Flashcards. A pocketful of genius. Coolness in a box. A Mid-Century Modern education in 26 remarkably easy lessons. Or a way to keep your kids busy on the train to the City or the 101. Forget A is for Apple. B is for Bauhaus is where it's at. Cards are 2 3/4" x 2 3/4", packaging is 3" x 3" x 3/4 ", info is immeasurable.

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