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Bruce Schneier: ‘The internet era of fun and games is over’

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Internet pioneer Bruce Schneier issued a dire proclamation in front of the House of Representatives’ Energy & Commerce Committee Wednesday: “It might be that the internet era of fun and games is over, because the internet is now dangerous.”


mmo games et autres

by toki
zoom sur Halo 4 internet



Free Poker Money at 888 Poker

by fbnpoker
A new free poker money offer, a deposit refunded type, at 888 poker. Worth checking out.

DVD Verleih via Internet Online Videotheken Filme leihen Spiele Games tauschen Video ausleihen

by cryllis
Das DVD Verleih Portal ist eine Anbieter- und Programmübersicht der verfügbaren Titel ausgewählter Online Videotheken. Zusätzlich zum DVD Verleih bietet das DVD Verleih Portal Informationen und Neuerscheinungen aus den Bereichen Video Verleih, Filme leihen, Spiele ausleihen und Games tauschen via Internet


Cybercafé Opensource Cafe Lyon

by piouPiouM (via)
Le cybercafé 'OpenSource café' de Lyon (France) propose un ensemble de logiciels libres afin de surfer, discuter, travailler et bien sur jouer, dans de vrais espaces. Un café cosi vous accueil dans une ambiance chaleureuse avec toute une gamme de produits issus du commerce equitable.

Party Poker Anywhere - Mac, PC, and Linux

by dbirider & 1 other (via)
Today Marks the first day that Mac users can play real money games at Party Poker, without using software to emulate windows. Party Poker's 'Anywhere' release will work on any browser on a Mac, Linux, or PC.

Sudoku Hints | Puzzle Tips and Strategy

by bhakans
I used to think that Sudoku was boring. I was wrong and now I am totally hooked on the brain-teasers that are Sudoku games. This site is filled with sudoku hints.

Party Poker Releases Beta Mac Client

by dbirider
Party Poker has quietly released a beta Mac compatible version of their online poker room. Mac users can finally join the more then 18 million Party Poker players.

Palabre :: Flash Xml Multi-User Socket Server

by GavrocheLeGnou
Palabre - Flash Xml multiuser server. Written in python. Connects Flash for games, chat, ...., Palabre 0.5 has been released. Pre-built for Windows now ! with Mysql Authentification support And Crossdomain support without web server

Stuff n Things

by steviehype
This site has all the useless, stupid and funny crap one seems to come across on travels of the internet. Yes, thats right, Its another useless website full of little titbits, but that can be fun when your bored right?

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