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Tribeca films 'Possibilia' and 'The Gleam' aim to fill gap between movies and games | Polygon

by sbrothier (via)
"One of the biggest criticisms for games like The Stanley Parable and Gone Home is that they're not games. This is where we fit in," Bloch told Polygon. "It's between a movie, where you can lie back and watch, and a game, where you just want to have the action. There's a place in between where you want to intervene, but you want to be inside an immersive film experience."

IT plays starring role at CineGlobe Film Festival | iSGTW

by sbrothier
Last month, the Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) organized a hackathon at CERN as part of the CineGlobe International Film Festival. The event saw filmmakers, artists, and storytellers descend upon Geneva, Switzerland, but also computer programmers, web developers, and videogame designers. The 42 participants from across the globe worked day and night to produce a range of exciting media works. Each team contained at least one member who could code and these skills were put to use to create games, apps, and other interactive experiences.


'Framed' Hands-On Preview - Putting the Pieces Together | Touch Arcade

by sbrothier
Our gameplay session was just ten minutes long, but polished and promising; it was the first six chapters of an eventual experience that lead coder Josh Boggs described as “movie-like,” both in its length and its mood.


I Got Next: A Documentary on the Fighting Game Scene

by sbrothier & 3 others
I Got Next is a free documentary on the fighting video game scene created by Ian Cofino (with much support from my friends, professors, and family). It originally started as my senior project at Purchase College, School of Art and Design, and has grown into something much bigger thanks to the dedicated and passionate players in the community. Originally envisioned as a short documentary, I Got Next has grown into a feature length production, which will see two releases, a short cut which premiered June 26th on and a feature length cut spring 2010.



The Sith Sense

by kalley & 6 others (via)
黑武士已经在等着你接受你的挑战了,他会问你大概20个问题,再告诉你你想的是什么。 我第一次想的是猴子,第二次想的是Notebook PC没想到都被达斯维德猜中了。WOW!可怕的黑暗原力。

The Xbox Auteurs

by imran
Rooster Teeth and Machinima


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