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OCZ Technology | Products | OCZ Peripherals | nia - Neural Impulse Actuator

by oqdbpo
OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator (nia) marks a new era in gaming. Rather than being a substitute for a mouse, the nia is a pioneering new peripheral to be used in conjunction with your mouse for a more immersive gaming experience. The nia is compatible with any PC game using keyboard input… past, present, or future. Predefined profiles included with the software allow the gamer to develop their own nia—memory to launch the desired behavior of their character and shoot with the “blink of an eye”, without lifting a finger.



The Next Leap in Video Games Made by Nintendo

by Antauri
Like all big names, Nintendo started small. In 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi, the great grandfather of today’s Nintendo president, founded Nintendo Koppai, to sell his special playing cards called "Hanafunda". Starting from 1969, Nintendo Co. Ltd., under the rule of the current president, began to produce toys and games. As the years passed, Nintendo grew bigger and bigger. Also, it started developing different games and platforms for them to run on. Some of these are the Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Visual Boy, Super Game Boy, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pokemon and many others. Now that video games look more real, Nintendo wants to make them feel as real. In order to do so, Nintendo unveiled the next leap in video games with its upcoming Wii home console. This new console will allow users to manipulate the actions of the video game character.


Le Nintendo Revolution Controller

by sunny
Ne ratez pas la video de la prochaine folie de Nintendo : le controlleur que même ton grand père il pourrait jouer avec

'Ere Be Dragons - pocket PC game based on user's heartbeat

by Sheino
'Ere Be Dragons is the prototype of a new creative game for pocket PC's that takes you into a virtual world created by your own heartbeat.

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