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YouTube - boyinstatic's Channel

by oqdbpo
Boy In Static is Boston's Alexander Chen, a self-taught musician, singer/songwriter and graphic artist. Beginning his recording career with a three-song demo and a game of email tag with the Notwist's Alien Transistor label, Boy In Static's first album, Newborn, was released in 2005 after the two sides finally met at a Boston area concert. An amply proficient musician, Chen is able to play numerous instruments as well as arrange the live recordings he produces with a tight-knit group of musical collaborators. With a sound that ranges from the wall-of-sound aesthetic of Creation's heyday to the electronic pop of Morr Music, Boy In Static's music finds a comfortable balance between processed sounds and timeless songwriting.


animated memory game -

by ycc2106
Try all the memory tests(sound, faces, animated...) INteresting to see how we remember things differently. For me faces was the easiest.


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