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Invent with Python

by 4004 & 1 other
Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python


Blended Technologies » Blog Archive » Machine Learning and Dragons - a Game

by ogrisel
You’re a knight and your job is to kill as many dragons as you can. The twist is that the dragons use Genetic Programming to learn from every encounter. (You can optionally have them use Reinforcement learning instead too.)

Nelly's Rooftop Garden

by jdrsantos
A physics-based puzzle game written in Python for PyWeek 2. Features over 15 levels, a “free-play” mode and an integrated level editor.


by jdrsantos
This is a game involving telephones, relays, rotary switches, and other electrical things that make nice whirring and clicking noises. As well as challenging yourself to solve the puzzles, you can also use the comprehensive built-in level editor to create

OpenRTS real-time strategy game - OpenRTS

by jdrsantos
OpenRTS is an open source realtime strategy game. It features isometric graphics, networked multiplayer and single-player scenarios. The game is being developed using Python and SDL. The game runs on at least Linux, Windows and Mac. For more details about


A PyGame Working Example: Starting a Game

by bcpbcp
In PyGame for Game Development, I showed you the very basics of PyGame's graphical side. However, creating a game with PyGame requires a bit more. All the concepts described before need to be glued together somehow, and new concepts will need to be introduced in order to create a functional game. In this article, we'll do just that by tackling a working example of PyGame's capabilities—a Python-powered game.


pygame - python game development

by 13121982 & 5 others
Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games. It is written on top of the excellent SDL library. This allows you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in the python language. Pygame is highly portable and runs on nearly ev


by Riduidel
Pythonic version of Dance Dance revolution

Articles about Stackless Pythons

by nachilau & 1 other
Articles about stackless python and how it is a good choice to work under multithreading environment

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