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March 2006

US developer, RP artist collaborate on casual game -

by bcpbcp (via)
WHO says you need a huge budget to create a great game? American game developer Phil Steinmeyer and Filipino artist Von Caberte certainly didn’t need one to create a casual game published by PopCap called Bonnie’s Bookstore -- and thanks to the magic of the Internet, they did it without even meeting face to face.

The Escapist - Attack of the Parasites

by bcpbcp
You get the same vibe off the most popular gaming sites in the English- speaking world, the casual game portals: EA's Pogo, Miniclip, Yahoo! Games, Microsoft's MSN Games, RealNetworks' GameHouse, Big Fish Games and many more. These lookalike sites are "portals" because they aggregate dozens or hundreds of casual games from many indie designers. Some big portals are mere front ends for faceless distributors like Oberon Media or Boonty.

February 2006

Casual Game Design » Game design at Casuality Europe

by bcpbcp
# Make it really hard. # Have a dozen mediocre game modes instead of one good one. # Make it a 600 MB download that requires two next generation video cards and 4GB RAM. # Price your game at $35 or $3.50 and sell only from your myspace homepage. # Use the right mouse button. # Give it a terrible name or theme. # Award low scores. # Expect users to read. # Make it challenging and cerebral. # Ignore what everyone else says about your game.

:: Último Segundo - ‘Casual games’ são bons para veterano

by bcpbcp
Você é um legítimo representante da geração Atari e sofre até hoje para se entender com as "centenas" de botões dos novos videogames? Acha esse negócio de game de computador "vício de nerd" desocupado? Foi fuzilado em cinco segundos na primeira e única vez em que tentou disputar uma partida de Counter-Strike com o vizinho?

John Cook's Venture Blog - A moment with David Roberts of PopCap Games

by bcpbcp (via)
At 44 years old, PopCap Games Chief Executive David Roberts likes to joke that he is "the adult supervision" at the Seattle computer game maker.

January 2006

Casual Game Design » Coming up with game ideas

by bcpbcp
Coming up with game ideas is a creative process without much structure to it.

November 2005

Casuality Seattle, a Seattle Games Conference for Game Developers, Publishers and Distributors

by bcpbcp (via)
"Welcome to Casuality Seattle, a Seattle Games Conference for Game Developers, Publishers and Distributors. Casuality Seattle is a conference administered, designed and organized by an independent group of casual game industry professionals to address the specific needs of casual game developers, publishers and distributors across all distribution platforms: PC Download, Mac, retail, XBox Live Arcade, handheld and wireless mobile."

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