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February 2006 Blog: Top Ten Bestselling Games of 2005

by bcpbcp
The NPD Group has reported the bestselling titles of 2005. Most of the games were for the Playstation 2 game system. Electronic Arts developed half of the top ten bestselling titles in 2005. - Bingo: A whole journal issue on videogames | International Digital Media & Arts Association Journal

by bcpbcp
Bingo: A whole journal issue on videogames Thursday, February 09 2006 Articles It's REALLY frustrating when you cannot get access to articles online. If you do game research, you know what I am talking about. I don't want to go into rant mode but let me just say: whenever you can, put the pdf online. I just accidentally run into a pdf version of the International Digital Media & Arts Association Journal, published on Spring 2005. It's dedicated in full to videogames and includes articles by such people as Chris Crawford, Janet Murray, Espen Aarseth, James Gee, Ian Bogost, Michael Mateas and many more. Stuff I haven't read by people I care. On a pdf file. Downloadable. Free for everybody. All over the world. This is great. This makes me happy. I actually may put down Animal Crossing DS just to take a look at this pdf. I am happy indeed.

January 2006

Hoplon, estúdio desenvolvedor de Taikodom, ganha prêmio da IBM Brasil

by bcpbcp
Com o objetivo de incentivar a atuação dos ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) filiados ao programa PartnerWorld, a IBM Brasil premiou 15 parceiros de negócios que mais se destacaram no ano de 2005. Entre eles, a empresa catarinense Hoplon Infotainment, desenvolvedora do game Taikodom e parceira Advanced - Industry-optimized da IBM, foi selecionada na categoria Mídia & Entretenimento. ''Nosso objetivo é atuar cada vez mais perto do ISV, oferecendo todo o suporte necessário para que o desenvolvedor obtenha o melhor proveito das soluções IBM, além de conhecimento sobre as novas tecnologias. Outro fator importante é a troca de experiências entre as empresas envolvidas no programa'', afirma Ruth Harada, gerente de alianças da área de Software da IBM Brasil.

Video Game Development: Learn to Write C# the Fun Way

by bcpbcp & 1 other
Learn the concepts of 3-D video game production as instructors from DigiPen Institute of Technology demonstrate the key stages of developing a game engine using Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, a new development environment for beginner programmers.

game girl advance: The Five Biggest Trends of 2005

by bcpbcp
The end of the year is upon us, and enough blogs and news sites have already written great articles on the best games of the year. Therefore, instead of being lost amongst the white noise of award features, I'd like to point out a few trends which I felt were especially important during 2005.

GT: 2005 Top 10 Games of the Year

by bcpbcp
2005 draws to a close with a look back at the many great games this year. Independent gaming continues to grow each year offering game experiences that you can't find anywhere else.

jay is games: Best of 2005: Top 20

by bcpbcp
The Best of 2005 is a celebration of the best games reviewed here at Jayisgames over the past year. It is not an exhaustive list of all the best games available since we can only review the games that we come to know about. If you have a game, or are part of a team that produces them, and would like to have your game considered for a future review here, then please use my email address in the sidebar to submit a link.

November 2005

IGDA - Articles - Bill of Rights

by bcpbcp
I first presented A Game Developers' Bill of Rights at a keynote presentation at the Montreal International Game Summit in November 2005. The Bill of Rights was part of a larger talk called Making and Breaking Rules: Game Design as a Critical Practice , which touched on issues of game design and the culture of games, as well as the business of the game industry. Following my talk, I prepared this short essay for the IGDA site.

Game Design Challenges | Collateral Romance

by bcpbcp
"Eric Zimmerman has run "Game Design Challenges" at several GDC's now. At each, he picks a difficult topic to design a game about, and then lets loose three designers to come up with a game based on the topic. I participated in the inaugural one in 2004, losing to Will Wright's "Collateral Romance" idea, which involved setting non-combatants down inside a first person shooter, with the task of making it to the other side a la Casablanca, and hoping that they would form attachments along the way. Warren Spector didn't come up with a game idea, and I presented what's below."

The Philosophical Roots of Computer Game Design

by bcpbcp (via)
"This is an approximate transcript of the text of my lecture at the 2004 GDC. I present it in this form because the nature of the material does not lend itself to the traditional paper format. Also, because the lecture is informal and to some extent ad-libbed, this is not a verbatim document."

Are you serious? from Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog

by bcpbcp
"Last week gamesblog covered Persuasive Games' latest release Airport Insecurity, "a game about inconvenience and the tradeoffs between security and rights in American airports". I grabbed Ian Bogost, one half of the company (and one-half of the blog watercoolergames) to explain exactly what he means by "serious games"."

Lost Garden: Mini Game Design Reviews: Guitar Hero and Wierd Worlds

by bcpbcp
"I wanted to briefly mention two very different games that I’ve been spending time with recently. The first is Guitar Hero by Harmonix and the second is Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space by Digital Eel. Neither is a traditional game, and both have some good lessons about game design to share."

Gamasutra - Book Excerpt - "21st Century Game Design: Designing for the Market"

by bcpbcp
"Why is game design often overlooked as an important factor contributing to game sales? Perhaps because when most people in development companies talk about “good game design,” they mean “game design that produced a game I really like.” This sort of subjective validation of game design is of no use in business, which thrives on repeatable methods based around capturing a target audience—the market. Unable to see the profit resulting from “good design”— especially since many allegedly well-designed games fail commercially— most businessmen ignore design entirely."

Casuality Seattle, a Seattle Games Conference for Game Developers, Publishers and Distributors

by bcpbcp (via)
"Welcome to Casuality Seattle, a Seattle Games Conference for Game Developers, Publishers and Distributors. Casuality Seattle is a conference administered, designed and organized by an independent group of casual game industry professionals to address the specific needs of casual game developers, publishers and distributors across all distribution platforms: PC Download, Mac, retail, XBox Live Arcade, handheld and wireless mobile."

Only a Game: A Game Design Grammar

by bcpbcp & 1 other
What does it mean to talk of a grammar of game design? And does specifying such a grammar give us an insight into the underlying structure of games, or a new method for approaching game design - or both? Because games vary from pure mathematical formalisms (at the ludic extreme) to behavioural descriptions (at the opposite extreme), any formal reductionistic system will either be focused primarily on the former, or require sufficient latitude to express practically infinite diversity. One such approach is to define a categorial grammar of game design.

Coluna Games - JB Online

by bcpbcp
O criador do game do Mensal�o, em entrevista ao JB Online, conta como come�ou a desenvolver jogos. Comenta ainda sobre as dificuldades do mercado nacional e aponta caminhos para os que querem iniciar esta carreira.

Yaroze 2006 Sony Game Design Competition | Dexigner

by bcpbcp
Sony Japan is holding auditions to unearth new talent in the area of game creation.The Game Yaroze! 2006 (also known as "Let's Play a Game!") competition has been running since 1995.

Video Game Media Watch — The Video Game Journalism Review » Interview: Smatbomb Co-Author Heather Chaplin

by bcpbcp
“Smartbomb: The Quest for Art, Entertainment, and Big Bucks in the Videogame Revolution“ is the first book from husband-and-wife team Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby. Chaplin, a journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Fortune and Salon, agreed to answer some questions about the writing process for us.

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