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by jdrsantos
O mundo dos Gadgets, da Electrónica e da Informática só num blog.

I Want One Of Those

by nadipity
Awesome gadget site, based in the uk

Great Discovery > Products that fits ALL your Needs

by discovery (via)
Great Discovery > Products that fits ALL your Needs Hottest MP3 Players $100 and Below


The Cyber Shopping Mall

by oaio
The place where I find top shopping websites that don't yet have the SE ranks. So I enjoy the comfort of their low prices.


Most Low-End Laptops Leave out Wireless

by teleclick
Many computer hardware companies are trying to corner the low-end computing markets with very low cost, stripped down laptops. It is an unfortunate fact that wireless connectivity is often a feature that goes neglected in such models.

Comparison Shopping Improves Satisfaction

by teleclick
The results of a recent cell phone satisfaction survey suggest that customers who comparison-shop for mobile devices will most likely be happier with their purchases in the long term.

High Speed BlackBerry Coming to Canada

by teleclick
Research in Motion has just announced that the BlackBerry 8700r wireless handheld device will become available to Canadian consumers, starting on November 29th.

RIM to Release New Intel-Powered BlackBerry

by teleclick
Research in Motion has just unveiled the latest version of its popular BlackBerry device, which analysts say is the closest that they've ever come to making a true handheld computer.

Mobile Phones and Consumer Electronics: Do They Mix?

by teleclick
With many companies integrating consumer electronics technology, such as hard drives, into mobile phones, industry analysts are predicting that the practice will result in many new challenges.

Samsung’s Latest Phone Has a Great Memory

by teleclick
Electronics giant, Samsung, has just released a new cellular phone with a 3GB hard drive. That’s enough memory to store thousands of digital pictures, or hours of video data, all on a single tiny handset.


by beret & 80 others
Gadget and consumer electronics news

Users Want Increased Battery Life in Mobile Devices

by teleclick
In a recent market research study spanning 15 different countries, the most desired feature by far in future mobile devices was increased battery life.

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