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October 2009

September 2009 : Beware What You Share

by ycc2106
Beware What You Share, You Will Get #twaxed Vote and comment on the most active below, or click here to see the most popular Tweets of all time. If you find a funny Tweet, submit it! Beware what you share, you will get #twaxed.

Poitiers : un avion lâche des tracts anti Royal et Aubry, Politique - Information

by srcmax

n avion de tourisme a lâché sur l'aéroport de Poitiers-Biard des centaines de tracts injurieux à l'encontre de Ségolène Royal et de Martine Aubry, a-t-on appris, mercredi 9 septembre, auprès de la direction de l'aéroport.

August 2009

Unicode Upside-Down Converter

by ycc2106
This is just a fun hack that uses various Unicode characters to make text look like it was flipped upside down. The mapping is based on one from, but I extended it with most of the uppercase characters. This page isn't done with JavaScript, but you can see the upside-down character mapping Originally found via a referrer log entry pointing to

How Men And Women Argue |

by ycc2106
Men and women have very different ways of arguing. So, in a better effort to help couples understand each other (which, really, is what we're all about here at Maxim), we decided to break down the thought process of both a man and woman, during an argument.

July 2009

June 2009

#histotweets by @jcfrog

by srcmax
History has been twitterized! – L'Histoire a été twitterizée

Poop Stream ~~~ Watching the world go down the toilet.

by ycc2106
This site can be basically defined as a "peculiar" social site that gives you the chance to send Tweets about your bathroom. Simple and clear, you just send messages about your bathroom and that is it. - The Game of Miscommunication - Home

by ycc2106
text explain it > draw explain it > text explain it > draw explain it > ... Some are hilarious!

May 2009 - Funny Pictures, Free Games, Videos and more

by promote_web
Offers funny pictures, free online games, videos, flash movies, myspace pictures, funny myspace pictures, jokes, myspace humor and more.

GOMBINOSCOPE!! Stupid face generator

by ycc2106 & 4 others
can't put your face parts - cutout choices are quit well made

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Flash game : Find the 17 ways to whack the boss...

Make My Head Grow

by ycc2106
2 player short funny game w/ beautiful end song =)

April 2009

Blufire Software - Want a mac?

by ycc2106
The Paper Series is a collection of graphics, that are meant to be downloaded, printed out, cut out, and glued/folded ("assembled") to create a 3D object, which is supposed to resemble its real-life counterpart... basically, it's just paper models, like paper Macs, paper...

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