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April 2008

143Pinoy - Videos worth watching

by fedmich
Watch hand-picked, rated, & classified videos that are worth watching

February 2007

Special cafe with milk

by gozino
Hilarious videos I saw today on

Koala bears fighting

by gozino
Hilarious videos I saw today on

Navy helicopter flips in water

by gozino
Hilarious videos I saw today on

Hilarious skiing accident

by gozino
Hilarious videos I saw today on

October 2006

Clippy - Episode 3 - The Ball of Death

by clippystunts
Clippy, the clothes pin stuntman, is back to attempt a death-defying escape from the Ball of Death. No one has ever attempted to escape the Ball of Death and survived. Will Clippy survive? Tune in to find out!

June 2006

Dane Cook

by nackereia & 2 others
Dude, he can flick cashews off his penis!! That's awesome!! Sick/Gross, but awesome ;)

Eric Conveys an Emotion

by nackereia & 5 others
Hilarious site. You send in your requests for seeing Eric in some mood, and he'll make a hilarious picture of it. It's great, really, it is. Outrageous. You'll howl with laughter.

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