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September 2008

Message from David Plouffe: Midnight Deadline

by starmuscle
FROM BARACK OBAMA'S WEBSITE AND NEWSLETTER: Campaign Manager David Plouffe just sent this email out... Amanda -- This week, we saw the stark differences between Barack Obama and John McCain on the economy. With Wall Street in crisis and families struggling, Barack offered a solid plan to strengthen the middle class, including tax cuts for nearly all Americans. John McCain continued the same old politics -- lying about Barack's plan and offering more of the same George Bush policies, including more tax breaks for Big Oil and no solutions for working families. It's time for that kind of politics to change. And thanks to supporters like you, our movement has grown by more than 50,000 new donors this week. Now we're within reach of a new goal -- 100,000 new donors by midnight tonight. With just 45 days left before the election, your support will affect crucial decisions about infrastructure in key battleground states. A donation now could have a big impact on voter registration and Get Out The Vote operations -- so please don't wait if you're planning to give. And today, your donation will go twice as far. You can match the gift of a first-time donor and inspire them to own a piece of this campaign. Can you make a donation before midnight tonight and double your impact? Many voters are paying attention for the first time, and 1 in 10 is still undecided. Now is a crucial time to expand our outreach through voter registration and getting as many people as possible out to vote for real change on November 4th. Your donation today is crucial to these efforts across the country -- especially in the key battleground states where the cost to compete is extremely high, and the stakes are even higher. Make a donation of $25 or more right now to help us reach our goal, and provide the resources we need to win: Thanks for everything you are doing, David David Plouffe Campaign Manager Obama for America

June 2008

Spike Lee Hates Italians

by starmuscle
A leading Italian-American group is accusing Spike Lee of having anti-Italian tendencies amid the flap between the director and Clint Eastwood over a lack of African-Americans in Eastwood's World War II films. "Spike Lee is very talented, but I sometimes wish he'd practice what he preaches," said Bill Dal Cerro, president of the Italic Institute of America, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "His points about African-Americans are well taken, but, ironically, he does the same thing to Italians in his films." The group has criticized Lee in the past for his portrayal of Italian-Americans in "Do the Right Thing" and "Jungle Fever," and has expressed worry about "Miracle at St. Anna," Lee's upcoming World War II drama set in Italy.

May 2008

What came first the chicken or the egg ?

by starmuscle
This should have been the first poll that I did. Has this question ever been really answered? The chicken or the egg? With ten billion websites out there, no has has ever tackled this age old question. Are you going to use science or faith to answer this question? Maybe this is the fundamental question which separates mankind.....

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