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Petit tuto Funambol Thunderbird Egroupware

by lecyborg
Tuto en français avec le fonctionnement du plugin funambol pour lightning et eGroupware

Funambol Mobile 2.0 Messaging Powered by Open Source

by lecyborg & 5 others
Funambol provides mobile 2.0 messaging software powered by open source. It includes a mobile data synchronization server that pushes email to mobile phones from Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, POP/IMAP servers and other email servers. It enables you to synchronize PIM (contacts and calendar) data with SyncML devices (e.g. Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, etc.). There are also Funambol- and community-provided plug-ins and clients for devices without SyncML, such as Outlook, BlackBerry (community project), Windows Mobile, Palm (community project), Java-enabled devices and iPods. You can setup a full PIM sync system that allows Outlook contacts and calendar events to stay in sync with all of your wireless devices. Funambol also provides a mobile platform and tools to develop, deploy and manage wireless applications that work in connected or disconnected mode. It includes an open source device management server that provides a framework to manage mobile devices, automatically provisioning and configuring them over-the-air. Funambol is a certified open source implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Data Synchronization (DS) and Device Management (DM) protocols, commonly referred to as SyncML. Funambol offers the myFUNAMBOL portal that lets anyone get email on their mobile phone and that syncs PIM data to their devices.

funambol :: product :: overview

by lecyborg & 1 other
Funambol provides open source push email, PIM sync and device management software to mobile carriers, service providers and OEMs around the world.


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