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January 2007

feltron vii

by julie & 4 others (via)
L'année 2006 de Feltron en chiffres. Amusant et original et joli...

March 2006 - Casual games -- good, clean, cheap fun online - Feb 28, 2006

by bcpbcp (via)
Casual games, those five-minute diversions you play for a quick break but somehow end up clicking away on for two hours, have become one of the fastest-growing categories of computer gaming.

February 2006

One-Button Fun With Strange Attractors » Fun-Motion Physics Games

by bcpbcp
Strange Attractors by Ominous Development was created for Retro Remakes’ One Switch Competition. It tied for sixth place in the competition, but has since been nominated as a finalist for game design in this year’s Independent Games Festival. Everything in the game is controlled by a single button. In Strange Attractors, this single button toggles in the influence of gravity between the player’s ship and everything else

Eurographics 2006 - Conference Webpage - Call

by bcpbcp (via)
Join the fun as computer graphics researchers and game developers meet at Eurographics 2006! Be part of the game by submitting a small demo containing interesting (preferably physics-based) interactivity with a graphics effect to the Eurographics 2006 "game room" competition.

YouTube - Brokeback to the future

by bcpbcp
Brokeback Mountain + De volta para o futura

PC Logic Games: Mind Rover

by bcpbcp
This is part four of five in my series on programming logic games. This week's game is Mind Rover, a commercial game which came out in the late 90s. Mind Rover is a fun and challenging game in which you build and program a rover to complete one of the many the scenarios. The scenarios range from winning a race to defeating an opponent rover in battle.

January 2006

Casual Game Design » The spacebar is all you need to have fun

by bcpbcp
A couple years back, I sent my mother an interactive Christmas card. The card was actually a little game. You played Santa and you were skiing down a hill. Along the hill were various obstacles and you had to jump over them by pressing the spacebar.

Atari Gaming Headquarters - Atari Touchme

by bcpbcp
Atari's token entry into the handheld market during the classic era was actually a portable version of its unsuccessful coin-op game. Touch Me was a simple yet addictive game but never caught on, but its fun factor was confirmed by the popularity of Milton Bradley's Simon (an imitation of Touch Me by Ralph Baer), which proved to be a runaway best seller for the toy giant.

Raph’s Website » Masaya Matsuura’s foreword

by bcpbcp
the Japanese edition of A Theory of Fun for Game Design is out now. Masaya Matsuura was kind enough to write a foreword for this edition

Video Game Development: Learn to Write C# the Fun Way

by bcpbcp & 1 other
Learn the concepts of 3-D video game production as instructors from DigiPen Institute of Technology demonstrate the key stages of developing a game engine using Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, a new development environment for beginner programmers.

How To Write Unmaintainable Code

by bcpbcp & 7 others (via)
In the interests of creating employment opportunities in the Java programming field, I am passing on these tips from the masters on how to write code that is so difficult to maintain, that the people who come after you will take years to make even the simplest changes. Further, if you follow all these rules religiously, you will even guarantee yourself a lifetime of employment, since no one but you has a hope in hell of maintaining the code. Then again, if you followed all these rules religiously, even you wouldn't be able to maintain the code!

Folha Online - Informática - Veja acidentes bizarros de 2005 envolvendo eletrônicos - 06/12/2005

by bcpbcp
A lista anual da empresa Ontrack, com os acidentes mais estranhos e engraçados envolvendo eletrônicos, conta em 2005 com um laptop "atacado" por um martelo e um pai que apagou todas as fotos de seu bebê --o incidente quase resultou em divórcio.

Game/AI: Presentation Details

by bcpbcp
Starting on a full time AI job "in the industry" has been an interesting experience. My new secret project is very cool, and the AI is a lot of fun, but I had been very surprised by the sheer amount of engineering details that go into a game. All the stuff that you can just ignore when doing research - well, it all comes back, with a vengeance. :)

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