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Status Search: Search your friends social status updates

by ycc2106
Status Search allows you to search your Facebook and twitter friends to find relevant content. Use it to search anything you would prefer searching in your friends rather than on the web: book, vacation, beer, party, job and much more.



by nhoizey
Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.

optimal experience

by springnet
This guy has some great ideas like an "Austin startup district and a wordpress fest in the park. And he walks to Will Wynn randomly.

Alert Thingy: A desktop app for

by springnet
all your friendfeed alerts delivered direct to your desktop. Does for friendfeed what twhirl does for twitter. wow.

5 Ways to Find More Friends on Twitter - ReadWriteWeb

by springnet & 32 others
five web apps that can help you locate some of the best people for you to follow on Twitter.



by springnet
jenka[at]thedolab[dot]com great social identity consulting blog

Christopher S. Penn » Blog Archive » How to make custom Twitter groups

by springnet
How to make custom Twitter groups Using Yahoo! Pipes to filter Twitter. (tags: twitter yahoo pipes sms mashup)


by springnet
A New York Times article mentions me. One of the best-loved twitterers, Paul Terry Walhus, a gray-haired blogger from Austin, Tex., has 9,177 friends and 1,851 followers, according to the tracking site Twitterholic.

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