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22 April 2008

Technology « // Internet Duct Tape

by springnet
I’ve written a program that uses Google’s social graph to find the links between Twitter users and Friend Feed users. Download the program, run it, enter your passwords and watch it find and subscribe to all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed.

21 April 2008

Alert Thingy: A desktop app for

by springnet
all your friendfeed alerts delivered direct to your desktop. Does for friendfeed what twhirl does for twitter. wow.

by springnet
Just like Thwirl and Snitter totally changed the way I interact with Twitter and drove up my usage as a result, Alert Thingy is doing that for FriendFeed. As Dennis says, who btw I ripped off the title for this post from, the result is that I am evolving

23 March 2008


by springnet
SheGeeks is a social network and social media discussion blog. Here, you can find the latest news on new social networks and media tools, technology, twitter, friendfeed, rssmeme, linkriver, web applications, web services and more.

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