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Face Painting

by lifelovestar
I love face painting and stumbled across this fantastic lady at a Hop Farm in Kent. I will definately be booking her for future events..

Brome - FriendFeed

by kemar
Se faire masser pour chasser la migraine ( via ) [from]


by kemar
Sympa l'ambiance du seesmeetup à Paris [from]

Spreading Funkyness » Posty

by kemar
Je teste Posty un logiciel de microblogging [from]

by kemar
Un addon firefox pour réaliser des maquettes, des diagrammes ou concevoir des GUI ... [from]

Shareaholic for Twitter, Facebook, Google... :: Add-ons for Firefox

by kemar & 1 other
Reading: "Shareaholic :: Firefox Add-ons" ( ) [from]

Loic Le Meur blog [FR]: Comment je suis 3500 personnes sur Twitter et j'adore cela

by kemar
Très intéressant le post de @loiclemeur sur sa manière d'utiliser twitter [from]

by lifelovestar
Friendfeed is a fantastic site where you can share everything with your friends. Very interesting and exciting stuff

Comment Friendfeed va changer Facebook | ReadWriteWeb France

by srcmax (via)

Mais parmi toutes les innovations mise en place par Friendfeed, voici celles qui ont le plus de chances de – si ce n’est se retrouver telles quelles dans Facebook, du moins vont influencer lourdement l’évolution de ce dernier dans l’année à venir.

I've switched from Tumblr to FriendFeed.

by greut

“I've switched from Tumblr to FriendFeed. The bookmarklet seems to be good enough by now, so why not. I've also told Feedburner to poll a cleaned-up version of my FF feed (remove some unwanted services and sanitize the display of the items) and redirected my Tumblr page to here.”

I have the feeling that we get bored about a service more quickly than before...


One Egg, One Hundred Baskets: Social Media Leverage

by springnet
Social Leveraging squeeze goodness out of the tools that are free strategy acts as platform wrangler drags big names of social media, networking and aggregation together. create one page/blog post that hits on social aggregator ften different directions.

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