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Software Inspector - Secunia

by jdrsantos & 2 others
The Secunia Software Inspector: * Detects insecure versions of applications installed * Verifies that all Microsoft patches are applied * Assists you in updating your system and applications * Runs through your browser. No installation or download is requ

KarenWare - Home of Karen's Power Tools

by jdrsantos & 1 other
Karen is the author of the popular Power Tools, free programs that make life with Windows a lot easier.

PC Wizard

by jdrsantos
PC WIZARD 2007 is a powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, but also some more analysis. It's able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies and standards. This tool is periodically updated DB Designer Fork

by jdrsantos
DB Designer Fork is a fork of the fabFORCE DBDesigner 4. DBDesigner is a visual database design system that integrates entity relationship design and database creation. DB Designer Fork generates SQL scripts for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and FireBird.

HD Tune website

by chunmin
Hard disk utility which has the following functions: Benchmark: measures the raw performance. Hard Disk information which includes partition information, supported features, firmware version, serial number, disk capacity, buffer size, transfer mode.

Expend Less, Download More - Orbit Downloader: The Fastest Rich Media Downloader!

by chunmin & 3 others
It is based on p2p and multi-source downloading technology and supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols. You can almost download everything online with 500% faster speed, like youtube video, rapidshare files, flash and streaming media etc.

Free YouTube, Flash (FLV) video converter

by webkool
KeepV Flash Converter is onether application to convert flash videos (FLV) to AVI (divx), MOV (MAC), MP4 (IPOD, PSP...), 3GP (Mobile). With this tool you can download and save in your preferable hardware videos from youtube and see it more later. This new tool is faster and better than most transcoders .

Download APP for Windows & Linux on

by didi
APP automatically calculates a time plan / project plan based on effort estimations and expected end dates. Tasks (+ a max. perc.-rate) can be assigned to one or more resources. Vacations, predecessors, weekly work hours,.. are considered in calculation

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