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Flux:: sound and picture development

by Emaux
Flux:: sound and picture development is a French company involved in pro audio and picture development. We’re a new player in the plug-in business. Why founding a new company into this over-crowded domain? We, Flux:: people, believe there is always a place for excellence. Our design is focused on the human element. Senses are bridges between reality and consciousness, between the real world and the imaginary one. We have chosen the best for ears and eyes to free your creativity. We are also aware of the productions short time demand, that’s why, every Flux:: plug-in feature a morphing slider between presets that allows users an ultra-fast operation even for plug-ins including many parameters. We haven’t chosen between simplicity and sophistication. We think, you need both.


2006 - login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration

by Elryk & 71 others
Bugmenot (Bypass Compulsory Web Registration) propose une solution : Pour une URL donnée, il fournit un login et un mot de passe. Une extension firefox est aussi disponible.



by Riduidel
djUnit plugin is JUnit TestRunner with the original classloader. djUnit ClassLoader modifies class in loading to JVM, and runs tests using the modified class. The following functions can now be used easily. Generates a coverage report Testing usi - Larry's GDS Plugins

by Riduidel & 6 others
GDSPlus is a free add-on that allows you to specify what extensions the new Desktop Search tool from Google will index. This includes the ability to add new extensions not yet supported by Google. You will be able to search the contents of any file that c


by Riduidel & 2 others
LightUML is an Eclipse integration of UMLGraph, a lightweight tool for generating class diagrams from Java projects and packages. Previously installed GraphViz is required! Basically, LightUML enables you to generate a UML class diagram from a Java project or package with a mouse click or two.

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