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ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians

by springnet
ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians

DigitalVideoSoft - Freeware and shareware downloads

by jdrsantos
Video & Audio Software From MP3 converters to video editing software, DigitalVideoSoft features all the latest audio and video software. Whether you're looking for an media player, a video-sharing application, or a CD or DVD burner, DigitalVideoSoft has y


by jdrsantos & 3 others
GOM Player supports most popular codecs (AVI, DAT, MPEG, DivX plus many more) with its own embedded codec system that you won't have to look for appropriate codecs everytime you can't play a certain video format. For those codecs that require a license th

Free DVD Player software. DVD/Video player software. Free download!

by jdrsantos & 1 other
AVS DVD Player is a compact and easy-to-use program that has a simple user-friendly interface allowing you to start watching DVD movies with no additional software.

Media Convert - free and on line

by Elryk & 9 others
Avec une interface ultrasimple, Media-Convert est à même de transformer tout type de fichier en un autre format : RAR ZIP MP3 WMV 3GP AMR FLV SWF AMV MOV WMA AVI MPG MP4 DivX MPEG4 iPOD PSP OGG WMA AAC MP4 MPC MMF QCP KAR MIDI REALAUDIO FLAC JPG PSD DOC PDF RTF TXT ODG ODP ODS ODT SXW WK1 M

The KMPlayer

by jdrsantos
The KMPlayer is a versatile media player which can cover various types of container format such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, and QuickTime among others. It handles a wide range of subtitles and allows you to cap

PS3 Media Center X - Stream Media to Wii

by nhoizey
PS3 Media Center X is a free multimedia server developed by Red Kawa. It allows you to stream certain types of pictures, music, videos and files from your computer to your Sony PlayStation 3. It runs on most major operating systems


Free video download from youtube, google video, MySpace

by webzf & 1 other
Download Videos from YouTube, MySpace or Google Video. Surf the web, and when you find a video you'd like to download, simply copy the URL (Click on Address Bar -> right click -> Copy) and go to Tools/KeepV in your Internet Explorer to complete the operat

Songbird Media Player

by Elryk & 56 others
Pioneers Of The Inevitable qui prétendent que Songbird, sera "le Firefox des lecteurs audio". L'interface de Songbird ressemble à s'y méprendre à celle d'iTunes. Le logiciel mise sur la diversité des sources : le panneau latéral affiche un grand nombre de liens : blogs audio, moteurs de recherche, sites de vente de musique en ligne ou encore radios sont directement accessibles. On appréciera tout particulièrement la visite des blogs audio qui affiche automatiquement une fenêtre contenant l'ensemble des fichiers mp3 associés aux articles.

Lyrics Seeker Plug-Ins :: Audio-Multimedia::Other :: Free Software Download Site

by webzf & 1 other
LyricsSeeker is a plug-in for your favorite music players that retrieves lyrics to song currently playing. Requires little hard drive space and uses close to no memory. Supports iTunes, WinAmp

Welcome To Grouper

by slogoo & 25 others
无缝导入,编辑和共享你的视频文件的平台. v2.0的Grouper, 只适用于Windows系统, 要求下载一个客户端, 可以无限量上传图片和视频文件, 任何内容可以被设置成公开, 私密或对特定人群开放. 内容发布

VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!

by slogoo & 25 others
包括服务端和客户端,单独播放影片下客户端就好了。 支持当前的主流操作系统,如 win , linux , mac... debian 用户比较简单: vi /etc/apt/sources.list 加入: deb h


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