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April 2013

JA Elastica - Joomla! Responsive Template (free)

by fabifab (via)
JA Elastica - Joomla! first responsive template and is completely free licensed under GNU/GPL V3.

Hitler's Children : Disney Studios : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

by bouilloire
Ça me rappelle certains courts projetés au festival Aux Sources de l'Animation Japonaise qui avait eu lieu à la MCJP en 2002.

March 2013


by Spone & 10 others
Take the world's best courses, online, for free.


by tyteu

Develop Apps eBooks and enterprise solutions | Feature Rich Software Development Platform | RunRev

by oseres
LiveCode has revolutionized software development - write code once and deploy to all popular platforms. LiveCode delivers outstanding performance and best value by taking the the complexity out of programming.   LiveCode is an award winning, high performance, programming environment which has been designed with ease of use and productivity in mind. It is a powerful and feature rich, high level development platform with an intuitive graphical user interface and a unique English programming language. It has a fast and easy to use compile free workflow which produces immediate results. Apps developed in LiveCode can be written once and quickly deployed on all popular platforms - mobile, desktop and server.  LiveCode apps include ebooks, games, business automation, entertainment, medical, health, sports, nature etc   If you can imagine it you can build it with LiveCode.

Granjon allié à Xavier Niel pour tenter de racheter Sipa - Challenges

by srcmax
Jacques-Antoine Granjon a confirmé à Challenges s'être associé à Xavier Niel pour le rachat de l'agence Sipa Press.

February 2013

Koken | Help

by fabifab (via)
Koken provides photographers, designers, artists and creative DIYs with a free system to manage, edit and publish web sites of their work. Koken is also a development platform for web designers and developers to build themes, plugins, and custom sites for their clients.

ProxFree - Free Web Proxy | Maintain Privacy & Surf Anonymously

by srcmax
ProxFree is a simple and completely free web proxy service. Perfect for those looking to bypass censorship restrictions and/or looking to browse the internet privately, anonymously and securely.

Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |

by groucho
Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |

free Video Games

by toki
united states tools

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