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05 December 2005

04 December 2005

fuseboxed | home

by 13121982
fusebox is a standard framework and methodology for building web-based applications.

02 December 2005

Why Frameworks Suck -

by sutekidane & 1 other (via)
Development frameworks are supposed to be our friends. Instead, they often just get in the way. Frameworks suck.

Why Frameworks Suck -

by fredbird & 1 other
Development frameworks are supposed to be our friends. Instead, they often just get in the way. Frameworks suck.

01 December 2005

PHP Collaboration Project

by nhoizey
Les supers use cases du Zend PHP Framework... :(

30 November 2005

28 November 2005

ZK - AJAX/XUL Web Framework

by aburo
ZK is an AJAX/XUL Web framework designed to enable Web applications to have both rich user experiences and a simple programming model. It includes an AJAX-based event-driven engine to automate interactivity and a rich set of XUL-based components.

Ruby on Rails統合開発環境 - RadRails 0.5公開 (MYCOM PC WEB)

by KoshigoeBushou
フレームワーク前提の開発環境はいいと思う; PHPのZendに期待

25 November 2005

24 November 2005

AJFORM - World's easiest AJAX Forms API / JavaScript ToolKit

by tangthon & 2 others

23 November 2005

She sells seashells by the Seaside - To Read*** ~Christopher Petrilli

by macroron
Avi Bryant’s continuation-based web framework Seaside, which is written in Smalltalk. Wow. That’s all I can say. After some recent work with Rails, I had come to admire the cleanliness of the framework—even if, on occasion, I had some complaints abo

22 November 2005

21 November 2005

edevil’s weblog » Javascript libraries roundup

by mbertier & 28 others
I spent days looking for new Javascript libraries and finally made a comprehensive list of almost all libs out there.

20 November 2005

17 November 2005

Spring Framework Hub

by jackysee (via)
有關 Spring Framework 的資源和連結中心

Is Ajax gonna kill the web frameworks?

by jackysee (via)
不會,因為始終需要 Web Framework 去簡化一些 server-side 的操作。

16 November 2005

MSDN .NET Framework Developer Center: Breaking Changes in .NET Framework 2.0

by nhoizey & 1 other (via)
Breaking changes are changes in either the .NET Framework (runtime breaking changes) or Visual Studio (design/compile/project upgrade) that make certain application and development scenarios behave differently from the version 1.0 and 1.1 .NET Frameworks to the 2.0 version

15 November 2005

PHP on TRAX :: Rapid Development Made Easy

by nhoizey & 14 others (via)
Php On Trax(formerly Php On Rails) is a web-application and persistance framework that is based on Ruby on Rails and includes everything needed to create database-backed web-applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern of separation.

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