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by Krome & 2 others
Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. It provides data-driven components with a simple and flexible API.


flight/ at master · twitter/flight · GitHub

by Krome
Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework that maps behavior to DOM nodes. Twitter uses it for their web applications.




by Krome & 1 other

Treesaver® is JavaScript framework for creating magazine-style layouts using standards-compliant HTML and CSS.


FUEL CMS : A Rapid Development CodeIgniter CMS

by Krome & 2 others
FUEL CMS is a modular-based hybrid of a framework and a content management system. It's developed on the popular CodeIgniter PHP web framework and allows you to create your models, views and controllers like normal and only use the CMS part when and if you need it.

JavaScript GUI Framework - Ample SDK

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
Ample SDK is a standard-based cross-browser JavaScript GUI Framework for building Rich Internet Applications. It employs XML technologies (such as XUL, SVG or HTML5) for UI layout, CSS for UI style and JavaScript for application logic. It equalizes browsers and brings technologies support to those missing any.



by ycc2106 & 2 others
Compass is a stylesheet authoring framework that makes your stylesheets and markup easier to build and maintain. With compass, you write your stylesheets in Sass instead of CSS. Using the power of Sass Mixins and the Compass community, you can apply battle-tested styles from frameworks like Blueprint to your stylesheets instead of your markup. Sass – Sass is part of the Ruby-based project called Haml. It will be installed as a dependency of compass automatically during the next step.

GX - Full-Featured Javascript Animations Framework

by Krome
GX is a full-featured, cross-browser, super-tiny (10kb uncompressed) Javascript Animations Framework. Using GX you can create complex animations working with every w3c CSS property.

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