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Framework7 - Full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS Apps

by srcmax
Full Featured HTML Framework For Building iOS Apps


App.js | Mobile webapps made easy

by srcmax
App.js is a lightweight JavaScript UI library for creating mobile webapps that behave like native apps, sacrificing neither performance nor polish.


by srcmax
PhoneGap apps didn’t feel native. That’s why we built Steroids.





by kunix
Open-jACOB is a Java rapid application development tool (RAD) based on Eclipse that enables the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that are entirely based on Java.


by Regis (via)
Multi environment application framework. You develop applications à la Swing, and they are web apps! Looks like Google Web Toolkit.

Jelix, framework PHP

by Regis & 9 others (via)
Jelix est un framework pout le developpement de webapp inspiré de Ruby on rails, mais basé sur PHP.

Ruby on Rails

by Regis & 53 others (via)
Webapp development framework. Rails is based on "conventions instead of configuration". First you create your model in the MySQL. Then, rails autogenerate controllers and views (scaffold). Rails provides input validation, but no authentification. You have to roll your own i18n. The templating system is not pure HTML and does not integrate well with webdesign tools. The documentation is excellent.

Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

by Regis & 44 others (via)
You write your model in python. It generates the MySQL tables, and offers a complete administrative interface. You can rewrite the views with a django specific language which is not pure HTML (and does not integrate well in webdesign tools). The controller has regexp based url. Input validation is provided by the framework. Validation and auth is ready to use. You have to roll your own i18n. The documentation is rather poor.

TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development

by Regis & 15 others
TurboGears is a webapp development framework based on python, in a interactive style of development. You write your model in python, TurboGears generate the MySQL tables. You also write controller and page template. Input validation is performed by TurboGears. But there is no auto generation of pages, no authorization management pre-build, no i18n. I find the docs pretty poor.


Kahua|info|About Kahua

by kunix

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