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Planet Play

by Xavier Lacot
The planet for the play framework. Worth a RSS subscription.



Yellow Duck Framework

by jdrsantos
The Yellow Duck Framework is an object oriented framework that will help you with creating web applications. It's implemented using the popular PHP web scripting language.

mad4milk - your favorite splash page

by jdrsantos & 3 others
MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework designed to make writing extensible and compatible code easier and faster. MooTools lets you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

P4A - PHP For Applications - PHP Framework

by jdrsantos
P4A (PHP For Applications) is a PHP RAD and object oriented PHP framework for building event-driven stateful web applications. It features tableless HTML, accesskey support, auto data type recognition, transparent AJAX, UTF-8, i18n/l10n, PEAR integration.

Seagull PHP Framework :: Home

by jdrsantos & 1 other
Seagull is a mature OOP framework for building web, command line and GUI applications. Licensed under BSD, the project allows PHP developers to easily integrate and manage code resources, and build complex applications quickly.


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